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The Stoaker


Thought wine barrels were only for wine? Our retired French oak Pinot Noir barrels are converted portable cookers that steam, grill, bake and smoke your cuisine. It’s self-contained, safe, portable and in a class of its own. The Stoaker can make a novice cook (like Quintin) look like a master chef.

Only available in NZ, yet………

In stock

PLEASE NOTE: PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE FREIGHT. Freight costs will be calculated based on your location and charged separately before we ship The Stoaker. We will contact you about this.
Pick ups welcome from our Stoaker Room restaurant in either Cromwell or Wanaka.

The Stoaker
It’s not your average BBQ

The  Stoaker is a versatile cooking system in a rustic converted wine barrel. Designed for natural ingredients, oak and steam combine to create delicious feasts, made for sharing. It fits in a unique space within the outdoor cooking category. Though it has similar functions to a BBQ, it isn’t just a BBQ, grill or oven, nor is it just a smoker. It combines all of these cooking techniques into a versatile system that delivers a unique style of food. In our restaurant The Stoaker Room, every ingredient is treated and respected as nature intended, with a rugged honesty. Whether in the city or the country, we bring the wild to your backyard, harnessing nature to create simple fine food, made for sharing.

How it started
During the particularly sunny Central Otago summer of 2008, whilst entertaining guests and friends on the banks of the beautiful Kawarau River, two men faced with a fire ban were in search of a way to cook without an open fire. They needed something self-contained and all they had was an old wine barrel.
Wild Earth’s founder and owner Quintin Quider and Stormalong Stanley from Stewart Island had a brainstorm and went to work making the first version of what was about to change the way Wild Earth cooked forever. They chopped the barrel, used a makeshift heat source, added some wood chips, threw some water in the bottom and voila! They smoked some salmon and mussels and knew right away that they had discovered a unique cooking method that was like no other.

Over the past years, Quintin and the team at Wild Earth & The Stoaker Room have been putting the barrel through extensive testing. They trialed and tested it at home, on the beach, in the bush, at the office and of course at our Stoaker Room in Cromwell and Wanaka, where they really put it through the wringer and got it to where it is today.

Stoaker Room lifestyle
The Stoaker is easy to use and transport to all of your favourite NZ outdoor getaways. You are only limited by imagination when becoming a master cook with the “Stoaker”. Welcome to the Stoaker Room lifestyle. The ultimate outdoor cooker! Store it outdoors, uncovered and enjoy!

The Stoaker is:

Easy to use
Simple to maintain
Versatile (bakes, roast, steams, grills, smokes)
For the novice or master chef
Individually branded & numbered, making each one unique!

The Stoaker can:

Grill fish, beef, game and poultry
Smoke trout, snapper, salmon or anything you desire
Bake bread, pies, pizza or cakes
Roast your favourite vegetables
Stew curries or cook rice and paella


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